Solution Development

BIF Technologies works with customers and their problems to create solution art – simple, scalable, and sustainable answers to difficult problems.

Since May 1999, BIF Technologies has leveraged its talent pool and penchant for deep thinking to solve difficult problems.  In fact, we have a history of making surly issues simple, making data meaningful, and for taking our customers from information to insight. Which customers? Motorola, the United States Air Force acquisition community, the United States Army Corp of Nurses, the Texas Department of Transportation… just to name a few. Whether using well-known software development languages (e.g., Java, Javascript, .NET, PL/SQL, TransactSQL) and well-known business intelligence tools (e.g., Cognos, Oracle, and Mondrian) or more cost-effective things created in our own labs, we were able to work with our customers to deliver solutions.

How did we create economical web-enabling technologies? We work out. The initial focus of our founders was in developing technical strength. Rice University graduates with degrees in stuff like Physics and Computer Science (translation – geeks and nerds), they spent the early years of their programming careers studying interpreters and databases. And then they learned to use cross-platform languages, data science theory, and relational databases to create tools that expedite the development of web-enabled data entry and business intelligence solutions.  With each new engagement the people who started the company gained invaluable experience in helping companies

  • Create web-enabled BI portals – BIF has used Microsoft and J2EE technologies to develop and deploy portals for our customers. In a very short time frame, we prototyped workflows, dashboards, and data entry screens. In time frames that exceeded the expectations of our fortune 500 customers, we released working tools that securely delivered business intelligence for leadership, data entry for operations, and scalable processes or application servers for for B2B operations.
  • Correlate information – It has become common to put a few charts and tables on a page and call it a dashboard. It ain’t that easy! Real dashboards make your information easy to reach and easy to read. And they correlate information for you. Our solutions work to give you more than colors, cool charts, and tooltips. When you click a slice in a BrainJackTM pie chart of product types the rest of the dashboard reacts to that selection. When you click a county, province, or country on a BrainJackTM map the rest of the dashboard adjusts to present data for the selected region. No extra coding in Java, Javascript, or HTML. It just works.

Our early innovations in data correlation led to a technology patent and the development of our own suite of business intelligence methods and tools. We would love to show you how they can be used to make your data meaningful.