BIF’s patented technology, BrainJack™ is a powerful Business Intelligence (BI) solution through web-enabled interfaces that can be customized by the end user. BrainJack™ encompasses all of the following into an easy-to-use web-based portal framework:

  • Interactive Graphs
  • Drag-and-drop Dashboards
  • Patented Drill-down Technologies
  • Simple Data Entry Form Building
  • Advanced OLAP
  • Traditional Reporting

BrainJack™ Active BI Manager
You can’t sit around looking at dashboards all day. Even if they are dazzling. With ActiveBI Manager, the business intelligence comes to you. You can schedule the delivery of reports or setup business rules that determine when reports are delivered and who will receive them.

BrainJack™ BI Component Designer
Charts developed in BrainJack™ BI Component Designer can be used over and over again. Once you have developed a chart you like, it becomes a part of a BI component library that can be leveraged by your team to create dashboards of their own. Charts can be created by the administrators for monitoring applications or investigating problems. (BrainJack™ queries do not support INSERT, UPDATE, or DELETE against data sources from within BrainJack™.)

BrainJack™ Dashboard Designer
Using this module, you can leverage your BI component assets to create interactive dashboards. Simply drag and drop charts, tables, maps, and other components where you want them. When you are done, deploy your dashboard to your web server, portal, or as a link that can be opened by e-mail recipients. Dashboards are interactive through our patented correlation technology.

BrainJack™ Query Manager
Using BrainJack™ Query Manager, you create business intelligence answers that can be used across many projects. Queries created in BrainJack™ are assets that can be used in BrainJack™ by other applications. Queries stored in BrainJack™ are guaranteed to be faster than what you get from just a tuned database because BrainJack™ Cache ensures your queries are rerun only as needed.

BrainJack™ Studio
BrainJack™ Studio is a huge step away from the old paradigm of deploying business intelligence through proprietary report files to web server file systems. With BrainJack™, all of your business intelligence objects (data sources, queries, charts, dashboards, scheduled reports) are designed, developed, and deployed to the cloud using just a browser.