BIF’s History

BIF Technologies (BIF) was founded in 1999 in San Antonio, Texas by Roderick and Darlene Barnes as an IT consulting firm. In 2002, BIF expanded into the Business Intelligence (BI) arena by producing BrainJack™, a patented BI software. BIF’s products, services, and trainings equip organizations to make better decisions by improving access and visibility to enriched business intelligence across the enterprise.
BIF used BrainJack™ as the framework for developing various software solutions including US Army Nursing Workload Management System for Nursing (WMSNi) and US Air Force Acquisition Management System (ACMS), BrainJack™ for Remedy, and BrainJack™ Integrated Help Server. BIF continues to develop innovative tools like Stargate, a patent-pending middleware that makes flat files look like relational databases; delivering dashboards that unlock the data in your organization and turning your information into insight.

From development to sustainment, in your data center or the cloud, BIF has proven experience providing secure solutions in business intelligence, database design/development, application development and sustainment, and multi-channel support. Through product and solution development, training, and change management, BIF offers a total solution supporting your organization’s mission goals and objectives. Customers of BIF include the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army Medical Command, Defense Health Agency (DHA), Texas Department of Transportation, Sagus International, Alamo Stone Church, and Urban Connection-San Antonio.