BIF Internships

BIF Technologies has been working with college students for years with proven results. (Helping students understand bi-vocational ministry and bringing to the community relevant and lasting help) Starting with students from UTSA and Texas State, we have promoted technical excellence, spiritual development, healthy living, and relevant community involvement. All students have been required to get an industry-recognized certification (e.g., Adobe Photoshop and Java Programmer Certification) while working on real problems for real customers (Nobody is assigned the menial work of making copies and coffee). Over the years, our BIF interns have obtained technical certifications, published books, written business intelligence software, helped with community feeding programs, served in orphanages, and created community connection events.

Summer Internships

This year, we are planning on having two different teams:

  • Software Development – Product development, bug fixes, knowledge base, and tutorials
  • Sales and Marketing – Advertising, outreach events, tutorials, and follow-up

In addition to the San Marcos team, we are pioneering a team in San Antonio in 2019!

  • 2017 Summer Interns at the Port A Retreat

2017 Summer Internship Summary Video:

2017 Summer Internship Outreach Video:

BIF Technologies started their summer internship program in 2012. Starting with four young men, by the grace of God, we’ve grown each year and made things even better. The BIF Technologies Summer Internship targets three main areas:

  • Smarter – Starting at 6:00 AM in the morning, the teams meet together to work on their tasks for the day. As a part of the bi-vocational training, interns use the skills they are acquiring in college to promote the products and services of a local company and a local church. Teams work within themselves and with each other towards the success of the company, building critical teamwork skills that can translate to both professional and spiritual environments.
  • Stronger – A strong mind needs a strong body. BIF Technologies requires gym memberships for the interns and requires them to exercise daily. By the end of the program some of the interns, while studying challenging material, had put on 10 pounds – of muscle. While those results are probably not typical, we believe that improvement is. That is, with guidance from recognized athletes on our staff, we believe students will emerge from the 8 weeks of the program demonstrably healthier and stronger.[1]
  • Spiritual – BIF Technologies has always been a faith-based company. From the owners to the interns, we have sought after people who would like to both grow in their walk with God and promote good things in the community. The BIF Technologies Summer Internship will see the interns spending time in Bible studies, helping local churches reach surrounding communities, and doing good works that help develop a godly sense of citizenship. The interns will work in their communities on neighborhood projects that beautify, rectify problems, and promote safety.

It has been said that people do not do what is expected but what is inspected and that if it cannot be measured, it cannot be managed. Everything the students do is measured. From week to week, we will measure their progress in their work, fitness, and the completion of community projects; the real-time feedback is essential to the enthusiasm and the identification of areas that require attention. Your decision to support our efforts will be visible in weekly reports, monthly summaries, and in the production of video clips that can be viewed over the internet.

BIF Technologies does not do this alone. We are partnered with local churches and community programs with a long history of helping people.[2] This year the program looks to increase in size by 100%. That is, we will go from 20 interns to as many as 30. And you can help. How? Partner with us financially to help these youth become unqualified successes. Plan with us to expand the effort; we want to eventually include young women and more of our city. Pray with us that God is glorified, people are edified, and that the community is blessed.

[1] The students will initially be examined to determine if they are fit enough to start the program. After that, they will have baseline measurements taken. Each week additional measurements will be taken (pushups, pullups, situps, time in the mile, and standing long jump).

[2] BIF has partnered with local churches and community service programs to help students.

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Open January 28th – March 4th